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About this Poem 

“Portent” was published in The Tempers (Elkin Mathews, 1913). 


Red cradle of the night, 
     In you 
          The dusky child 
Sleeps fast till his might 
   Shall be piled 
Sinew on sinew. 

Red cradle of the night, 
   The dusky child 
Sleeping sits upright. 
   Lo how 
                    The winds blow now!
   He pillows back; 
The winds are again mild. 

When he stretches his arms out, 
Red cradle of the night, 
   The alarms shout 
From bare tree to tree, 
             In afright! 
Mighty shall he be, 
Red cradle of the night, 
   The dusky child!!

This poem is in the public domain.

This poem is in the public domain.

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