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Since we launched our website in 1996, we've been providing resources to teachers to help them bring poetry to the classroom. Here you will find a wealth of information, including essays about teaching poetry; a roundup of relevant websites; and curriculum units and lesson plans for teaching poetry at the primary, secondary, and university level.

Most of our lesson plans for primary and secondary levels are aligned with Common Core State Standards. All plans have been reviewed by our Educator in Residence with an eye toward developing skills of perception and imagination. We hope they will inspire the educators in our community to bring even more poems into your classrooms!

Don't miss: Teach This Poem, a weekly series featuring a poem from our online poetry collection, accompanied by interdisciplinary resources and activities designed to help K-12 teachers quickly and easily bring poetry into the classroom. The series is curated by our Educator in Residence, Dr. Madeleine Fuchs Holzer, and is available for free via email.

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lesson plans

lesson plan
Submitted by 826 National
lesson plan
Submitted by Madeleine Fuchs Holzer
lesson plan
Submitted by John Hollander

on teaching poetry

on teaching poetry
by Ron Padgett
on teaching poetry
by Matthew Zapruder