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We invited 2016 Walt Whitman winner Mai Der Vang to curate a four-part series that will highlight a small community of Hmong American poets whose voices enrich and bring greater diversity to the literary landscape of this country. Each month, Vang will feature a poem by and discussion with a Hmong American poet as a way to showcase their work and explore the themes that drive them to write. First up: a poem and interview with Burlee Vang.

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In celebration of the National Park Service Centennial, we commissioned fifty poets to write poems about a park in each of the fifty states for the project Imagine Our Parks with Poems.

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Jun 2016 The Poetry Reading: Lessons Learned from a Struggling Student on Teaching Poetry
Apr 2014 The Poetry of Superstition and Supposition on Teaching Poetry
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Apr 2014 Unlearning to Write on Teaching Poetry
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Jun 2004 Letters of Marianne Moore Letters