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Immigration: Poems for Kids


December 15, 2016


for Children
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The following poems explore the themes of immigration and heritage and are appropriate for young people.

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"Translation for Mamá" by Richard Blanco
What I've written for you, I have always written...
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"The Sound of One Immigrant Clapping" by Adrian Castro
Let's say he actually…

The Lower East Side of Manhattan” by Victor Hernández Cruz
By the East River…

"We All Return to the Place Where We Were Born" by Oscar Gonzales
What remains of my childhood...
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things that shine in the night” by Rigoberto González
Fulgencio’s silver crown—when he snores…

Before Your Arrival” by Ellen Hagan
the ones who brought your father here, come.. Bring…

"Everyday We Get More Illegal" by Juan Felipe Herrera
Yet the peach tree...
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Veterans of Foreign Wars” by Edward Hirsch
Let’s not forget the General…

Amphibians” by Joseph O. Legaspi
Amphibians live in both…
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"The Great Migration" by Minnie Bruce Pratt
The third question in Spanish class is: De donde eres tú?...
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"The Border: A Double Sonnet" by Alberto Ríos
The border is a line that birds cannot see...

The Buttonhook” by Mary Jo Salter
President Roosevelt, touring Ellis Island…
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"Peaches" by Adrienne Su
A crate of peaches straight from the farm...
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Another Country” by Ryan Teitman
The days unfold…

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