In 2015, Carmen Tafolla was appointed state poet laureate of Texas. The author of over twenty books, Tafolla was chosen in 2012 as the first poet laureate for the city of San Antonio. She has received a number of awards, notably the prestigious Americas Award, presented to her at the Library of Congress in 2010. Tafolla will be succeeded by Laurie Ann Guerrero in 2016.


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Nov 20 2015 to Nov 22 2015
Poetry @ For The Community Fest

Of the two partners, Houston Free Thinkers and Visionary Noise, this festival is our way to give back to the people of Houston and surrounding counties.

Before and after this festival, HFT and VN not only bring up issues of awareness, but also do benefit shows for local and national organizations such as, Food Not Bombs, Feal Good Foundation, Local Live Radio, etc, as well as highlight local acts and performers. We celebrate freedom as a unified whole, and we all believe that it comes in various forms; art, poetry, activism, music.

In addition, we have featured speakers of like groups such as The Free Your Mind Conference, The Anti Media, The DC Free Thinkers. We have been written about in The Houston Press many times, and have been promoted for on KPFT Houston. With art, we have had the pleasure of having Shanti Visual Art and Morphis Art, who has toured with Slightly Stoopid doing live paintings.

Past and present vendors have included Raw Tejas Soaps, The Houston Exchange Network, I Am Bitcoin/Yo Soy Bitcoin, Houston Stand Down, The Generators Playground, and countless merchants and artists.

We have a team of people brainstorming to make sure that this festival continures to remain unique, and free!

Please check us out on FB!

Visionary Noise, The Houston Free Thinkers, and FTCX

(if any poets would care to join us on the stage, please get in contact!) 

1:00pm to 3:00am
1403 Nance Street
77002 Houston, Texas

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see my brother-in-law with a styled shirt

in spite of his cancer below 

then a small dinner in the evening the next day

no one knows except I may be on the road

Mesquite where my father settled in '31

forty-five minutes west then a left you go in

sister Sarita waits for me on Abby Street

after decades in

Old fang-in-the-boot trick. Five-chambered
asp. Pit organ and puff adder. Can live
in any medium save ice. Charmed by the flute
or the first thunderstorm in spring, drowsy
heart stirs from the cistern, the hibernaculum,
the wintering den of stars. Smells like the cucumber

I never knew them all, just hummed
and thrummed my fingers with the radio,
driving five hundred miles to Austin.
Her arms held all the songs I needed.
Our boots kept time with fiddles
and the charming sobs of blondes,

the whine of steel guitars
sliding us down in deer-hide chairs
when jukebox music was over.