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Sep 13 2017
Speakeasy Open Mic Night

Our student-run open mic night welcomes all kinds of readings, performances, spectacles, and happenings. Bring your poetry, your guitar, your dance troupe, your award-winning essay, or your stand up comedy to share.

3805 Locust Walk
19104 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jul 27 2017
PEN America Town Hall Meeting in Pittsburgh
Join PEN America representatives Julie Trébault and Rebecca Stump in Pittsburgh to discuss new initiatives by PEN America, including the Artists at Risk Connection, new regional programming, and more! City Of Asylum President, R. Henry Reese, will be on hand to explore upcoming partnerships and initiatives between City of Asylum and PEN America.
Non-members who are curious about the benefits of PEN America membership and current members are invited to a Town Hall meeting. This is your opportunity to guide an open discussion of all facets of PEN and what sorts of programming you’d most like to see locally. We will discuss the upcoming regional programming expansion, local press freedom opportunities and the ARC program. 
The event is free and open to anyone interested in the realm of free expression, literature, and artistic freedom. RSVP here. 
A reception will follow this discussion, which will hopefully give attendees the chance to chat with representatives one-on-one. Please feel free to bring someone who you think could benefit from being a member of PEN America. 
40 W North Ave
15212 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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I burn your Highland Park. I acid your Carnegie
car dealerships. Your Squirrel Hill, sheer terror
in winter. But most of all, I hate your Liberty Avenue,
the last place, one night, I saw my closest friend
saying, Wait here, outside the after-hours club. I wait,
hating your Strip,

Yardley, Pennsylvania, an expensive dump
and the van seats shake their broken bones.

Duty-free liquor and cigarettes,
the refineries and the harbor's cranes.

The moon digs its way out of the dirt.
The branches of an evergreen sway.

She's nice
the woman you don't love.

She kisses you hard and often
Driving alone at night, the world’s pitch, black velvet 
stapled occasionally by red tail lights
on the opposite highway but otherwise mild 
panic when the eyes’ habitual check 
produces nothing at all in the rearview mirror,
a black blank, now nothing exists 
but the dotted white lines of the road, 
and the car