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The Imagist movement included English and American poets in the early twentieth century who wrote free verse and were devoted to "clarity of expression through the use of precise visual images."

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William Carlos Williams 1883-1963 Objectivists, Modernism, Metaphysical Poet, Imagism
Diane Wakoski 1937- Imagism
Amy Lowell 1874-1925 Imagism
D. H. Lawrence 1885-1930 Imagism
Robert Kelly 1935- Imagism
T. E. Hulme 1883-1917 Imagism
Ford Madox Ford 1873-1939 Imagism
F. S. Flint 1885-1960 Imagism
Roque Dalton 1935-1975 Poets of Exile, Imagism
H. D. 1886-1961 Modernism, Metaphysical Poet, Imagism