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Zachary Schomburg

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Zachary Schomburg

Zachary Schomburg is the author of The Book of Joshua (Black Ocean, 2014). He coedits Octopus Books and lives in Portland, Oregon.

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I’m in a carousel.
The kind that spins
people to the wall.
There is a woman
and a man and a man
inside of it too,
and a man operating it.
Everybody I love is
looking down at me,
laughing. When I die,
I’ll die alone.
I know that much,
held down by my


I am given a pony for my birthday, but it is the wrong kind of pony. It is the kind of pony that won't listen. It is testy. When I ask it to go left, it goes right. When I ask it to run, it sleeps on its side in the tall grass. So when I ask it to jump us over the