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Will Alexander

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Will Alexander is the author of numerous books, including Kaleidoscopic Omniscience (Skylight Press, 2012), The Brimstone Boat (Reve a Deux, 2012), Diary As Sin (Skylight Press, 2011), and Compression & Purity (City Lights, 2011). He is the recipient of a California Arts Council Fellowship and a Whiting Fellowship for Poetry. He lives in Los Angeles.

by this poet

In the mirror of excessive drift
there exist those values
which exist within schisms
within error wracked spectrums
which glow by means of vapour
above anti-dimensional obstruction

the visage of metrics
tuned to a mesmeric lisp
to a rancid facial dice
thrown across ethers
across 3 or 4 sierras or voids

so that

For me, biography is a lantern, burning in the midst of parenthetical opaqueness. In a sense, it is a ruse, a phantasmic meandering, brighter or dimmer, according to the ecletic happenstance of terror.

Me, I've been sired in anomaly, in an imagery of brewing grenadine riddles, a parallel poesis spawned from