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Vona Groarke

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Vona Groarke is an Irish poet and the author of X (The Gallery Press, 2014), Spindrift (Wake Forest University Press, 2010), and Juniper Street (Wake Forest University Press, 2006). Her awards include the Brendan Behan Memorial Prize, the Hennessy Award, the Michael Hartnett Award, and the Strokestown International Poetry Award. She teaches at the Centre for New Writing at the University of Manchester in England.

by this poet

The wind orchestrates
its theme of loneliness
and the rain
has too much glitter in it, yes.

They are like words, the wrong ones,
insisting I listen to sense.
But I too am obstinate.

I have white walls,
white curtained windows.
What need have I
of the night's jet-black,
outlandish ornament?

What I am after
In the window of the drawing-room
there is a rush of white as you pass
in which the figure of your husband is,
for a moment, framed. He is watching you.

His father will come, of course,
and, although you had not planned it,
his beard will offset your lace dress,
and always it will seem that you were friends.

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