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Sarah Gambito

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Sarah Gambito

Sarah Gambito holds degrees from the University of Virginia and Brown University. She is the author of three collections, most recently Loves You (Persea Books, 2019). 

Gambito is the recipient of a Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers award from Poets and Writers, the Wai Look Award for Outstanding Service to the Arts from the Asian American Arts Alliance, and a Creative Writing Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. A cofounder of Kundiman, a nonprofit organization serving Asian American writers, she is the Director of Creative Writing and an associate professor of English at Fordham University. She lives in New York City.



Loves You (Persea Books, 2019)
Delivered (Persea Books, 2009)
Matadora (Alice James Books, 2004)

by this poet

You will transcend your ancestor’s suffering

You will pick a blue ball. You will throw it to yourself. 

You will be on the other side to receive. 

Green leaves grow around your face. 

Hair stands on your body. 

You look at old photographs 

that say:

The bread is warm!

A child is a blessing!

That’s what I

How much our hands are God’s

to be running fingers over braille cities.

We are this hand pushed through our womb.

Weeping with each other’s blood in our eyes.

I dreamed that I slept with the light on.

I was asleep in my mother’s bed because my father was out to sea

and my claim


The recipe invites itself to eat and laughs at its own jokes.
Puns of tripled and quadruped meanings. 
Was I ratting on you?
I invite everyone. Everyone is my friend. 
Would you like some of my sandwich?
I really mean you can come forward
with your mouth open.
Once, I wrote a play