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Sarah Arvio

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Sarah Arvio is the author of night thoughts: 70 dream poems & notes from an analysis (Knopf, 2014). She is a translator for the United Nations in Switzerland and lives in Maryland by the Chesapeake Bay. 

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The new news is I love you my nudist
the new news is I love you my buddhist

my naked body and budding pleasure
in the weather of your presence

Not whether your presence but how
Oh love a new nodule of neurosis

a posy of new roses  proposing
a new era for us  nobis pacem

One said to me tonight or was it day 
or was it the passage between the two, 
"It's hard to remember, crossing time zones,

the structure of the hours you left behind. 
Are they sleeping or are they eating sweets, 
and are they wanting me to phone them now?"

"In the face of technological fact, 
even the most