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Roger Reeves

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Roger Reeves's first book, King Me, was published by Copper Canyon Press in 2013. Reeves has been named a Cave Canem and NEA Fellow and is the recipient of a Ruth Lilly Fellowship and Whiting Award. He is currently an assistant professor of poetry at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Roger Reeves: P.O.P

Roger Reeves, P. O. P

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The market is made of fire so nothing
Stands, or stands—even in the ideal
City of Pullman, I hear “nigga run,”
One child shouting to another in ruins,
Of ruin and so call out in paradise
To the live bloody skeleton hung softly
As summer in each other to escape
This year’s


Fuss, fight, and cutting the huckley-buck—Dear Malindy, 
Underground, must I always return to the country of the dead,

To the coons catting about in the trees, the North Carolina pines 
Chattering about sweetening bodies in their green whirring?

Do these letters predict my


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