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Rodger Kamenetz

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Rodger Kamenetz

Rodger Kamenetz is the author of six poetry collections, including To Die Next to You (Six Gallery Press, 2013) and The Lowercase Jew (Triquarterly, 2003), as well as the forthcoming collections Yonder (Diálogos, 2019) and Dream Logic (TO, 2020). He lives in New Orleans.

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--“R. Joseph learnt: ... both the tablets and the fragments of the tablets were deposited in the ark.”– BT Menachot 99a

The broken tablets were also carried in an ark.
In so far as they represented everything shattered,
everything lost, they were the law of broken things,
the leaf torn from the


for Jordan Bantuelle, keeper of the urban farm


You have seen a bee face up close. The verbs fell away, the sky tore strips of wax paper. You heard the thrill of the bees, you felt the stings. Through the metal hexes of fence, your


hat tip to Mark Zanger


“Yogi Berra was a great bad ball hitter; even if he had to golf or tomahawk, he was clutch.” The balls I hit are all bad that’s why I hit them. That’s where anger turns into beauty. They say there are no bad dogs