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Richard Jones

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Richard Jones is the author of fifteen collections of poetry, most recently Stranger On Earth (Copper Canyon Press, 2018).


Stranger on Earth (Copper Canyon Press, 2018)
The King of Hearts (Adastra Press, 2015)
The Correct Spelling & Exact Meaning (Copper Canyon Press, 2010)
Apropos of Nothing (Copper Canyon Press, 2006)
The Blessing: New & Selected Poems (Copper Canyon Press, 2000)
The Stone It Lives On (Adastra Press, 2000)
48 Questions (Bombshelter Press, 1998)
The Abandoned Garden (Tunheim Santrizos, 1997)
A Perfect Time (Copper Canyon Press, 1994)
At Last We Enter Paradise (Copper Canyon Press, 1991)
Sonnets (Adastra Press, 1990)
Country of Air (Copper Canyon Press, 1986)
Walk On (Alderman Press, 1986)
Innocent Things (Adastra Press, 1985)
Windows and Walls (Adastra Press, 1982)

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My mother never appeared in public
without lipstick. If we were going out,
I’d have to wait by the door until
she painted her lips and turned
from the hallway mirror,
put on her gloves and picked up her purse,
opening the purse to see
if she’d remembered tissues.

After lunch

It's so late I could cut my lights
and drive the next fifty miles
of empty interstate
by starlight,
flying along in a dream,
countryside alive with shapes and shadows,
but exit ramps lined
with eighteen wheelers
and truckers sleeping in their cabs
make me consider pulling into a rest stop
and closing my eyes.  I