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Rabindranath Tagore

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Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore was born in Calcutta, India, on May 7, 1861. The author of many poetry collections, his book Gitanjali: Song Offerings (Macmillan, 1913) received the Nobel Prize in Literature. He died on August 7, 1941.

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Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
     Where knowledge is free;
     Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
     Where words come out from the depth of truth;



Thou hast made me known to friends whom I knew not. Thou hast given me seats in homes not my own. Thou hast brought the distant near and made a brother of the stranger. I am uneasy at heart when I have to leave my accustomed shelter; I forgot that there abides the old in the new, and that there also