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Pura López-Colomé

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Pura López-Colomé was born in Mexico City, Mexico, in 1952. She is the author of No Shelter: The Selected Poems of Pura López-Colomé (Graywolf Press, 2002), translated by Forrest Gander, including numerous other works of poetry, literary criticism, and translation. The recipient of Mexico’s 2008 Xavier Villurrutia Award, she lives in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

by this poet

Reanimated, spirit restored, 
reincorporated, body restored, 
I contemplate between dreams 
the scene I've stolen 
like the one who took fire, 
like the one who opened the devil box 
out of curiosity, 
like the one who saw her equal 
and her life's love 
were the same and so effortlessly 
brought them together
This world.
A sound sometimes dry,
at times rubbery,
has settled the morning for good.
It has darkened little by little
the songs of various birds,
the croak of the daily,
wind among hedges,
the green yearning.
A man places with inexhaustible precision
one tile after the another on the roof of the
Two bumblebees
extract nectar,
sweet and bitter
from the center
of the rose-colored petals
of a flower which is not a rose.
they thud against the picture window
again and again,
fixed on escaping
with their bounty inside them,
into the air behind them,
incognizant that the path to freedom
has been