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Nathan Hoks

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Nathan Hoks

Nathan Hoks is the author of The Narrow Circle (Penguin Books, 2013), selected for the 2012 National Poetry Series, and Reveille (Salt Publishing, 2010). He teaches creative writing at the University of Chicago and lives in Chicago, Illinois. 

by this poet

When I smell the dirt on the oiled leather
I fear that I am leaving everyone to become
A field of wind and sunlight.
I climb a stone wall to look at the ocean
With a bird call stuck in my mind.
The frog, my spirit animal, cocks
Its bulging eyeball at me and its throat
Enlarges as if to laugh, to engulf
All the

The rabbit has stolen
The big bear’s pointy red hat.

The frog looks longingly
At its evaporating pond.

A powerful glow comes
Off the sunflower

So everyone wears goggles.
My son rolls around in the ferns.

It seems he has overdosed
On sugar cookies.

Does he care