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Natasha Sajé

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Natasha Saje

Natasha Sajé is the author of Vivarium (Tupelo Press, 2014). She teaches at Westminster College in Salt Lake City and in the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA program.

by this poet


Salt Lake City

here in our state of yes and smug
crystalline over mountains and horizon melt
such pretty clouds such drifting light

who is it enough for what kind of person
lives in this sweetness this clear
beauty and does not utter a single oh or no

or even I my hand

Do for your neck what you do for your face.
Face your neck whatever the case. Pace yourself 
for 35-55, a quick
and bumpy ride, gone in a sneeze. Avoid 
petroleum; replace with olive oil.
Check bitterness at the door; be happy!
Do for yourself what you do for others,
the money guru says to sisters. Embrace