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Natalie Eilbert

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Natalie Eilbert

Natalie Eilbert is the author of Indictus, forthcoming in January 2018 from Noemi Press and Swan Feast (Coconut Books, 2015). She is the founding editor of The Atlas Review and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

by this poet


As a girl I made my calves into little drinking elephants,
I would stare at the wonder of their pumping muscles,
the sup of their leg-trunks. I resuscitated a bunny once
from my cat’s electric teeth. I was on neighborhood watch
to save animals, as many as I could. My damage was easy.


There is no life after death. Why
              should there be. What on

earth would have us believe this.
              Heaven is not the American

highway, blackened chicken alfredo
              from Applebee’s nor the

clown sundae from Friendly’s. Our