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Michael Morse

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Michael Morse

Michael Morse is the author of Void and Compensation (Canarium, 2015). He teaches at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York City and lives in Brooklyn.

by this poet

If most things speak for themselves, can't it be said
that really you're doing the thinking for them? 

The first step is all about obsession with exclusion, 
the cold front coming in and forcing you to hunker down,
the migrants winging their way to some gold coast
with enough fat in their chests to burn down a

Since when did keeping things to ourselves
help us to better remember them?

We need tutorials from predecessors.

To restore what’s missing makes a science
of equating like with like, or touching
small pebbles on a larger mental abacus.

We hitch a memory of order to ourselves:

Ideal: to drive the lane and look for dishes,
to see the open man, give him his bucket.

The one-on-one for which we are now counseled
blueprints a perfect symmetry that’s hard to hold.

Like my friend who dreams of his ex
and wakes to find a moonlit lawn of deer.

In our nightly houses
the dolls insist that we