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Michael McGriff

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Michael McGriff is the coauthor (with J. M. Tyree) of Our Secret Life in the Movies (A Strange Object, 2014) and the author of Home Burial (Copper Canyon Press, 2012). He teaches at The Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas at Austin, and lives in Austin.

by this poet


Two decommissioned highways cross
and continue toward their borders
with the casual certainty
the dead carry in their sample cases.
Leaning against the wind
I notice tufts of fur in the air
and a driveshaft rising from the sand,
then the horsehair of a violinist's bow


Because when I saw a horse
cross a river
separating two countries
and named it Ghost Rubble
it said No my name is 1935
because it also spoke in tongues
as it crossed the black tongue
of the water
because it still arcs through me
with its zodiac
of shrapnel-bright