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Magdalena Zurawski

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Magdalena Zurawski

Magdalena Zurawski is the author of Companion Animal (Litmus Press, 2015), which won the Norma Faber First Book Award from the Poetry Society of America, and The Tiniest Muzzle Sings Songs of Freedom, which is forthcoming from Wave Books in the spring of 2019. She teaches at the University of Georgia and lives in Athens, Georgia. 

by this poet

The way I’m strapped into myself
I can’t escape. Wake up and be a better person! Clip your toenails,
and by sun-rise make sure
                        you’re sitting at the table reading Arendt.

With a little focus
I could become
everything I ever wished
to be: level-headed and
            a real (wo)man

We decided I
should go alone
on foot. I   
would find
him in
the pharmacy. If      
he said ‘In
the head of
God all propositions     
have existed     
always,’ we would make     
the exchange.
He was standing     
in front