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Magdalena Zurawski

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Magdalena Zurawski

Magdalena Zurawski is the author of The Tiniest Muzzle Sings Songs of Freedom (Wave Books, 2019) and Companion Animal (Litmus Press, 2015), which won the Norma Faber First Book Award from the Poetry Society of America She teaches at the University of Georgia and lives in Athens, Georgia. 

by this poet


You arrive in a sentence
where you would like
to stay, but you are told

to move on to another,
so you do and wish only
this time to keep to imaginary

places. You are not
given Zanzibar or Timbuktu
but Paducah were

I was sympathetic to language, but often
it shrugged me and kept other lovers.
I crawled through the commas of 

Romanticism and rejected the rhythms,
though sometimes at night I could feel
a little sad. I could emerge now

into a new kind of style, but the market 
is already flooded and my people
have lost faith
Incapable of limiting themselves to petty
offenses, my hands broke into my chest and choked
every slumbering deity.
                                After that I no longer cared
to argue about the nature of the flesh. Whether powered by vitalist or