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M. L. Smoker

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M. L. Smoker received a BA from Pepperdine University and an MFA from the University of Montana–Missoula. She is the author of Another Attempt at Rescue (Hanging Loose Press, 2005). A member of the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes of the Fort Peck Reservation, Smoker lives in Helena, Montana.

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          We pull into dirt driveway in Lara’s blue Celica. The car came from her 18 money last year and it’s got only one dent on the side from a white girl in Wolf Point who slammed the door of her boyfriend’s Ford pick-up into the passenger side of Lara’s then new car. Lara was pissed, got out to kick the girl’s

And to think I had just paid a cousin twenty dollars to shovel the walk.
He and two of his buddies, still smelling of an all-nighter,
arrived at 7 am to begin their work.
When I left them a while later I noticed their ungloved hands
and winter made me feel selfish and unsure.
This ground seems unsure of itself