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Lindsey D. Alexander

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Lindsay D. Alexander

Lindsey D. Alexander is the author of the poetry collection, Rodeo in Reverse, forthcoming from Hub City Press in 2018. Her poetry has appeared in the Southern ReviewWaxwingArts & Letters, and Devil’s Lake, where her work won a 2015 Driftless Prize. She produces Story of My Life, a podcast that features guests over the age of seventy. She lives in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

by this poet


I was an observer: my own student
and my best teacher
in the forest working the lyrics together.
There were bees in his beard,
in a good way.

She cupped his chin: this
was platonic and also the source
of some honey. He fed her
two lines he had kept inside his soul

                                  But then there’s the beauty of the rodeo:

		the buck and nod, 
				                      that arch and stretch
			        against gravity.

		    A bronco’s no square peg,
and neither am I.

		Pegs or no, we both flex
  			our more resistant muscles—			

Dog that won’t stop barking and all I can think:
I don’t know anything about stars—		

not what they’re called or how they form, but how

we turn stars into stickers to surprise
our children and assure them You are better
than normal children. 				

On boat decks, sailors cry out Orion