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Kyle Dargan

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Kyle Dargan

Kyle Dargan is the author of Anagnorisis (Northwestern University Press, 2018) and Honest Engine (University of Georgia Press, 2015). He is the Assistant Director of creative writing at American University in Washington, D.C., where he also lives. 

by this poet


On a railroad car in your America,
I made the acquaintance of a man
who sang a life-song with these lyrics:
"Do whatever you can/ to avoid
becoming a roofing man."
I think maybe you'd deem his tenor
elitist, or you'd hear him as falling
off working-class key. He sang
not from

But my loyalty
   	points—my purchasing
   	power. Nothing.

But my economies
   	of scale, my digital
   	compression :: companionship.

But my all-
   	loneliness, my rail-
   	rapid integration.

But my market-
   	driven love
   	handles, my accrued

But my taste
   	in artisanal

after Lorde

Your body is not my pommel horse
nor my Olympic pool or diving board.
Your body is not my personal Internet
channel nor my timeline,
nor my warm Apollo spotlight.
Your body is not my award
gala. Your body is not my game—
preseason or playoffs.