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Kofi Awoonor

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Kofi Awoonor, born on March 13, 1935, was a Ghanian poet, novelist, and political activist. He is the author of Until the Morning After: Collected Poems 1963–1985 (Greenfield Review Press, 1987), The House by the Sea (Greenfield Review Press, 1978), and Ride Me, Memory (Greenfield Review Press, 1973), among others. He died on September 21, 2013.

by this poet

I crossed quite a few
of your rivers, my gods,
into this plain where thirst reigns
I heard the cry of mourners
the long cooing of the African wren at dusk
the laughter of the children at dawn
had long ceased

night comes fast in our land

where indeed are the promised vistas
the open fields, blue skies, the