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Kenneth Carroll

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Kenneth Carroll

Kenneth Carroll is a poet, fiction writer, essayist and playwright,whose writing has appeared in numerous publications. He was the director of DC WritersCorps and past president of the African American Writers Guild. He is married to playwright Joy Carroll and the proud father of a daughter and two sons.

by this poet


For Howard Zinn

who will come to tell us what we know
that the king’s clothes are soiled with
the history of our blood and sweat

who memorializes us when we have been vanquished
who recounts our moments of resistance, explicates
our struggles, sings


Marion Barry is a black voodoo king, the Diamond City poltergeist
if your right hand itches Marion Barry will come
to your cookout and dance to Chuck Brown’s “Busting Loose”
If your left eye jumps Marion Barry will be cleared of all charges
If your feet get swept with a broom, the sweeper will