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Joshua Corey

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Joshua Corey is the author of The Barons (Omnidawn, 2014); Severance Songs (Tupelo Press, 2011), winner of the Dorset Prize; Fourier Series (Spineless Books, 2005); and Selah (Barrow Street Press, 2003), selected by Robert Pinsky as the winner of the Barrow Street Press Book Prize. He teaches at Lake Forest College in Illinois and lives in Evanston, Illinois.

by this poet


Many tiers make this world pillowed on stone
many collect in their fear to strive.
Yours the face aglow in the cold,
precarious thriver in the song-stung dark.
With glance and lip you collected me.
Where are you? Alien hip I catch you out,
refuse cheshire blazon, unpronounced tremolo.
Now to step into the
She has forgotten what she forgot
this morning: her keys, toast in the toaster blackening
the insides of beloved skulls, little planetariums
projecting increasingly incomplete
and fanciful constellations: the Gravid
Ass, the Mesozoic Cartwheel, the Big
Goatee, the Littlest Fascist. Outside her window
a crowd