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Jessica Greenbaum

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Jessica Greenbaum

Jessica Greenbaum is the author of The Two Yvonnes, (Princeton University Press, 2012). She teaches inside and outside academia, most recently through Brooklyn Poets and the World Trade Center Health Program for first responders at New York University’s medical center. 

by this poet


It was a nearly perfect morning—bucolic, pastoral—
so I found myself cataloguing my past humiliations.
Really, there was no reason for it! I might as well have
looked for an ant hill to lie down on in a meadow
of goldenrod. I can’t explain it but perhaps I thought
that with the rising sun


Only through a disaster or a renovation
does the entire brick side of a house come down
and in this case the workmen threw stoves and refrigerators
out the windows, letting them bounce
off the fire escapes into the little Brooklyn yard.
And I wouldn’t presume to say
they did it