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Jeff Hardin

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Jeff Hardin was born in Savannah, Tennessee. He received a BS from Austin Peay State University and an MFA from the University of Alabama.

He is the author of several poetry collections, including No Other Kind of World (Texas Review Press, 2017), which received the X. J. Kennedy Prize, and Fall Sanctuary (Story Line Press, 2004), which received the Nicholas Roerich Prize.

Of his work, Mark Jarman writes, “Hardin’s world is primarily the rural South, and his people primarily rural people with their deep and rooted knowledge.”

Hardin teaches English at Columbia State Community College and edits the online journal One. He lives in Columbia, Tennessee.

Selected Bibliography

No Other Kind of World (Texas Review Press, 2017)
Small Revolution (Alrich Press, 2016)
Notes for a Praise Book (Jacar Press, 2012)
Fall Sanctuary (Story Line Press, 2004)

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 to Tony Earley

Strange how I remember standing on a limb
that curved out over open space that fell
away down slopes I’d never climb back out of
had I fallen. And once, when I was six,
I almost left my mother’s car—outside a bar—
because I knew the nearby bottomlands

If only each line of a poem could be its true beginning.
If only each moment could know every other moment
and we could hold them all at once the way we wish to,
the way we keep imagining we can. I don’t care
what anyone says about the impossibility, for I step
into the same moment again and again. I’ve
I’m afraid I can’t go anywhere without stacks of books, boxes
in the trunk, a book bag over my shoulder—wherever I sit,
more within reach, just to sample a stanza, line, or word,
someone’s invocation to the color blue, another’s wandering
of fields and grief; and some have died I can’t bear losing;
in the