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Jane Miller

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Jane Miller is the author of numerous books of poems including Thunderbird (Copper Canyon Press, 2013). She teaches at The University of Arizona and lives in Tucson.

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Life’s ironies irritate my afternoon hours like wool. One, I’m in a foreign country in my own head; two, I’m sometimes lonely living with two women; three, people are having sex in shop windows but we haven’t made love in weeks; four, the more Alexis smokes, the better her singing voice; the more I clean up, the

Do you know how long it has been since a moral choice presented itself

and the wrong choice was made

not two minutes

why is it not quiet between lightning and thunder as if someone were asking

do you have other articulable feelings  if so express them now

tragedy ensues

with a laser blast from the cockpit
For begging beauty
one can hardly blame the artist

sleeping like butter in the sun
taking no action for action

some prefer being a yellow rose petal 
I learned when I traveled

the young poet saying a prayer
is a form of panic