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Isaac McLellan

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(Carcharias glaucus.)

The seaboy sailing o'er the main, 
   Far-gazing o'er the watery plain, 
Sees oft the black fin of the shark 
Pursuing his careering bark, 
Quick thro' the ship the joyful news 
   Like wildfire runs from stem to stern; 
From bulwark high, from sloping mast, 
   Leeward all eager
(Pomatomus Saltatrix.)

It is a brave, a royal sport, 
   Trolling for bluefish o'er the seas; 
Fair skies and soaring gulls above, 
   A steady blowing breeze; 
A shapely yacht whose foaming prow 
   The billowy plain divides, 
That like a gallant courser speeds 
   Far, free o'er ocean tides.