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Hannah Gamble

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Hannah Gamble

Hannah Gamble is the author of Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast (Fence Books, 2012). She lives in Chicago, where she is the current Artist in Residence at the Museum of Science and Industry.

by this poet


That was the period when our daughter
would come crying into our bedroom
whenever the grackles began mating on the roof.
It isn’t hurting them, my wife would say,

birds have tiny penises. Then two cats would
find their way into our bushes and start howling
like their


I usually wake up with acquisition
in mind.

I make myself the tallest pine;
I have more birds on me
than anybody!

The sun hits my head
first—it’s cooled a bit
by the time it gets to your head.

I thought I’d get the most

if all the good saw me first
and affably