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Greg Hewett

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Greg Hewett received a BA from Binghamton University, an MA from the University of California–Davis, and a DA from SUNY–Albany.

He is the author of several poetry collections, including Blindsight (Coffee House Press, 2016), darkacre (Coffee House Press, 2010), and Red Suburb (Coffee House Press, 2002), winner of the Publishing Triangle Award.

The poet Kazim Ali writes, “Hewett is a poet desperate to know—that ‘knowledge’ is never cheap and always comes at great cost is of no importance, because if anything this poet mistrusts simple vision. He aims deeper, darker. The stakes are high for this poet and his gamble pays off stunningly.”

Hewett has received fellowships from the Camargo Foundation and the Fulbright Foundation. He currently serves as a professor of English at Carleton College. He lives in Northfield, Minnesota.


Blindsight (Coffee House Press, 2016)
darkacre (Coffee House Press, 2010)
The Eros Conspiracy (Coffee House Press, 2006)
Red Suburb (Coffee House Press, 2002)
To Collect the Flesh (New Rivers Press, 1996)

by this poet


It’s obvious
beauty is a postage stamp,
a composed self-portrait
of Frida Kahlo
wearing a simple necklace,
an image chosen by the USPS
not because it was like one she painted
for Trotsky. Of course
beauty could not include
imagery of hammer and sickle


The frescoed cloister is closed.
No echo of omniscience 
escapes to wind or metaphor.
A cottage holds three bowls, 
earthen and chipped, on a table 
made of planks smoothed by the surf. 
One holds buttermilk;
another, tomatoes pale as moons;
the third, eggs the color