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Edith Matilda Thomas

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Edith Matilda Thomas was born in Ohio in 1854. Her collections include A Winter Swallow (1896) and Fair Shadow Land (1893). She died in 1925.

by this poet

I know it must be winter (though I sleep)—  
I know it must be winter, for I dream  
I dip my bare feet in the running stream,  
And flowers are many, and the grass grows deep.  
I know I must be old (how age deceives!)
I know I must be old, for, all unseen,  
My heart grows young, as autumn fields grow green

The night is still, the moon looks kind,
    The dew hangs jewels in the heath,
An ivy climbs across thy blind,
    And throws a light and misty wreath.

The dew hangs jewels in the heath,
    Buds bloom for which the bee has pined;
I haste along, I quicker breathe,
    The night


Each year I mark one lone outstanding tree,
Clad in its robings of the summer past,
Dry, wan, and shivering in the wintry blast.
It will not pay the season’s rightful fee,—
It will not set its frost-burnt leafage free;
But like some palsied miser all aghast,
Who hoards his sordid