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Diego Alfaro Palma

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Diego Alfaro Palma was born in Limache, Chile, in 1984. He is the author of several poetry collections, including Litoral central (Editorial Libros de Pez Espiral, 2017) and Tordo (Editorial Cuneta, 2014), which received the Santiago Literary Prize in 2015. Alfaro Palma is also the editor of Homenaje a Ezra Pound desde Chile (Editorial Universitaria, 2010). The founder of the publisher Limache250, he lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

by this poet


translated by Lucian Mattison

Try to find a day for yourself on which you can
iron shirts, wash what can be washed, buy
a new pair of shoes. And this way you’ll arrive at the conclusion


translated by Lucian Mattison

I am that man that has let his time pass in notary offices,
who, waiting for his number to be called, imagines being an English pilot or
a cadaver lying in the