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Diana Marie Delgado

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Diana Marie Delgado is the author of Late-Night Talks With Men I Think I Trust (Center for Book Arts, 2015), andTracing the Horse, which is forthcoming from BOA Editions in the fall of 2019. She is the literary director of the Poetry Center at the University of Arizona and lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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I turn on the radio and hear horses, girls becoming women after tragedy. Talk about dreams! His heart was covered in a thin shell the color of the moon, and when touched, I’d grow old. The best movies have a philosophy, Dorothy, after being subjected to witch-on-girl violence, is

I wrote hard
on paper
at the bottom
of a pool
near a canyon
where the stars
slid onto their bellies
like fish
I wrote:
I went through
the mountain
through the leaves
of La Puente
to see the moon
but it was too late
too long ago
to walk on glass.
Near those years
when the house