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David Biespiel

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David Biespiel

David Biespiel is the author of Charming Gardeners (University of Washington Press, 2013). He is the founder of The Attic Institute of Arts and Letters and currently serves as the poet-in-residence at Oregon State University. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

by this poet


I heard it on the radio,
A woman’s voice saying,
I like for you to be
The space far away

Where poetry figures out
Why you are still
But not absent,
Why you can hear

From somewhere
What’s coming next.
But her voice could not touch
What had flown away.


It comes out of the language of nothing I recognize
Though it is something in you, at least as I keep
                                                     looking at you
And you turn back to me. I ought to have guessed
From the simple order of the tracks that you knew
Without looking what