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Charlotte Mew

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Charlotte Mew

Charlotte Mew was born on November 15, 1869, in London, England. Her poetry collections include Saturday Market (Macmillan, 1921) and the posthumously published The Rambling Sailor (Poetry Bookshop, 1929). She died on March 24, 1928, in London.

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We passed each other, turned and stopped for half an hour, then went our way,
           I who make other women smile did not make you--
But no man can move mountains in a day.
                  So this hard thing is yet to do.

But first I want your life:--before I die I want to see

Sometimes in the over-heated house, but not for long,
        Smirking and speaking rather loud,
    I see myself among the crowd,
Where no one fits the singer to his song,
Or sifts the unpainted from the painted faces
Of the people who are always on my stair;
They were not with me when I walked in heavenly