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Cecily Parks

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Cecily Parks

Cecily Parks is the author of the poetry collections O'Nights (Alice James Books, 2015) and Field Folly Snow (University of Georgia Press, 2008) and the editor of The Echoing Green: Poems of Fields, Meadows, and Grasses (Everyman's Library, 2016). She teaches in the MFA program in creative writing at Texas State University.

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The grackles plummet down to pierce the lawn

For seeds and fat brown live oak acorns and

Ignore the orange plastic watering cans

My daughters drop in the cold grass, my daughters

Saying, Goodnight grass, as if the blades they’d watered

By hand were their daughters, as if the grass


Solstice dabbles behind the hills, whitefire at the horizon well into what should be evening, well into after, meting out to what should be the privacy of night illumination enough to fray the sky.   

Black wings snuff out the owlish air in the cottonwood’s elephant silhouette, readying a backlit section of


Apache Plum
Mexican Blazing Star
Blue Agave
Cherokee Sedge
Mexican devil-weed
Mexican elderberry
Fall Obedient Plant
Mexican feathergrass
Mexican hat
Indian blanket
Mexican juniper
Kingcup Cactus
Lluvia de Oro