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Carolyn Wells

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Carolyn Wells was born on June 18, 1862, in Rahway, New Jersey. A highly prolific writer, she was known for her children’s stories, mystery novels, and humorous verse. Her books include A Nonsense Anthology (Scribner’s Sons, 1902) and The Book of Humorous Verse (George H. Doran, 1920). She died in New York City on March 26, 1942.

by this poet

It was an Artless Poster Girl pinned up against my wall,
She was tremendous ugly, she was exceeding tall;
I was gazing at her idly, and I think I must have slept,
For that poster maiden lifted up her poster voice, and wept.

She said between her poster sobs, ‘I think it’s rather rough
To be jeered and fleered