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Carol Snow

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Carol Snow is the author of Placed: Karesanui Poems (Counterpath Press, 2008), The Seventy Prepositions (University of California Press, 2004), and Artist and Model (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1990), winner of both the Poetry Center Book Award and the Joseph Henry Jackson Award in Literature. Artist and Model was also selected by Robert Hass for the National Poetry Series.

Fanny Howe describes Snow’s work as “post-traumatic—half-seen, half-remembered, half-named—the event more than half gone….”

A Pushcart Prize winner, Snow has also received support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Fund. In 2002, she taught at the University of California–Berkeley as the Roberta Holloway poet-in-residence. She lives in San Francisco, California.


Placed: Karesanui Poems (Counterpath Press, 2008)
The Seventy Prepositions (University of California Press, 2004)
For (University of California Press, 2000)
Artist and Model (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1990)

by this poet

'A slight'


Reverberating--in what box?--or reiterated
--like a booster shot. like the roosters in Bishop--

(this illustrated by my tilting half a glass of orange juice
up over an empty glass--"I'm a little teapot . . . ";
more precisely: The Mystery Spot, "Cannons ready!"