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C. S. Giscombe

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C. S. Giscombe

C. S. Giscombe was born in 1950 in Dayton, Ohio. He graduated with degrees in English from University at Albany and Cornell University. At Cornell, he edited Epoch magazine.

His books of poems include Border Towns (Dalkey Archive, 2016), Ohio Railroads (Omnidawn, 2014), Prairie Style (Dalkey Archive Press, 2008), Giscome Road (Dalkey Archive Press, 1998), and Here (Dalkey Archive Press, 1994). Giscombe is also the author of Into and Out of Dislocation (North Point Press, 2000), a travelogue-memoir in prose.

Giscombe’s honors and awards include the Stephen Henderson Award in Poetry, the American Book Award, and the Carl Sandburg Prize, as well as fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Fund for Poetry, the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars, and the Canadian Embassy.

He has taught at Cornell University, Syracuse University, Illinois State University, the New York State Poets-in-the-Schools Program, and Penn State. He currently teaches poetry at the University of California and lives in Berkeley.


Border Towns (Dalkey Archive, 2016)
Ohio Railroads (Omnidawn, 2014)
Prairie Style (Dalkey Archive Press, 2008)
Giscome Road (Dalkey Archive Press, 1998)
Here (Dalkey Archive Press, 1994)
Postcards: Poems (Ithaca House, 1977)

Into and Out of Location (North Point Press, 2000)

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(from Negro Mountain)

Wolves came up the driveway and through the side yard of the old house—this 

was in kindergarten time—and I stood still though I was frightened 

to be in their midst and they took note of me but did 

not bite or threaten me. The light was