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Brynn Saito

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Brynn Saito

Brynn Saito is the author of  Power Made Us Swoon (Red Hen Press, 2016). She teaches at the University of San Francisco and California Institute of Integral Studies and lives in Los Altos, California.

by this poet


I bathe my television    in total attention    I give it my corneas
I give it my eardrums    I give it my longing
In return I get pictures      of girls fighting    and men flying
and women in big houses    with tight faces    blotting down tears
with tiny knuckles    Sometimes my mother calls


In the recesses of the woman’s mind
           there is a warehouse. The warehouse
                      is covered with wisteria. The wisteria wonders

what it is doing in the mind of the woman.
           The woman wonders too.
                     The river is raw tonight. The river is a