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Bertrand N. O. Walker

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Bertrand N. O. Walker, who published his poems under his Wyandot name, Hen-toh, was born in 1870. He is the author of the poetry collection Yon-Doo-Shah-We-Ah (Nubbins) (Harlow, 1924) and Tales of the Bark Lodges (Harlow, 1919), a book of Wyandot animal stories. He died in 1927.

by this poet

For ages long, my people have been  
     Dwellers in this land;
For ages viewed these mountains,
     Loved these mesas and these sands,
That stretch afar and glisten,
     Glimmering in the sun
As it lights the mighty canons
     Ere the weary day is done.
Shall I, a patient dweller in this
     Land of fair