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Ben Mirov

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Ben Mirov

Ben Mirov is the author of ghost machines (Slope Editions, 2016). He lives in Oakland, California.


Ben Mirov: Social Media as Creative Impulse

Ben Mirov: Social Media as Creative Impulse

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There is nothing in my head today.
I think about you everyday.
My head full of


When the time comes for you
to board death’s shifty raft

of mirror shards and plastic coffee cups,
I hope you’re ready.

I hope you’ve made peace
with everyone you’ve ever done wrong

and you feel no more use for pencils
and your robe is warm and dry

and nothing obstructs

If you work at a steady rate
you may reach the river by nightfall
and if you have the will

a canoe will be waiting 
by the ash factory 
for you to take upstream

to the takoyaki shack
where you can eat delicious food
and drink as much beer as you like

until late into the night.
In other words you have