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Anne Boyer

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Anne Boyer was born in Topeka, Kansas, in 1973. She is the author of Garments Against Women (Ahsahta Press, 2015), winner of the 2016 Community of Literary Magazines and Presses Firecracker Award, and The Romance of Happy Workers (Coffee House Press, 2008). She has taught at the Kansas City Art Institute since 2011. The recipient of a 2018 Whiting Award, she lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

by this poet

The history of revolutions is the history of vague ideas,
Shrugging shoulders, not shrugging shoulders,
Standing around, acting without thinking,
Acting with thinking, being penned or penning,

Being a woman or a girl standing around,
A woman or a girl with some flour in her pocket
    for tossing up a cloud of


The coven of bison
          brought here as wishes
                    bore 80 million calves
                              in a year

                              This was the epicenter of the nursery
                              of the palace of the monument


If you were once inside my circle of love

and from this circle are now excluded,
and all my love's citizens I love more than you,
if you were once my lover but I've stopped
letting you, what is the view from outside

my love's limit? Does my love's interior emit
upward and