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Angie Macri

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Angie Macri is the author of Underwater Panther (Southeast Missouri State University Press, 2015), winner of the Cowles Poetry Book Prize. An Arkansas Arts Council fellow, she lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas

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When pulled, the spider web took another form.
The bull’s-eye relaxed, the bull unseen but felt,
skull on muscle paused on the forest floor.
The girl said oh, as she had heard her mother
say before. The spider had already hidden
in the labyrinth of a tree. The city ran
on coal and


or bear, came from the swamp,
what had once been a lake from a glacier,
then the meandering bed of a river, softer
than any bed a man had ever made.
The river had been dammed,
slowing, filling to prevent a drought
in a place where clay prevents rain
from becoming groundwater.