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Andrew Zawacki

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Andrew Zawacki is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently Videotape (Counterpath Press, 2013). His other books include Petals of Zero Petals of One (Talisman House, 2009), Anabranch (Wesleyan, 2004), By Reason of Breakings (Georgia, 2002), and his fifth collection, Unsun : f/11 is forthcoming from Coach House Books in 2019. He was a Howard Foundation Fellow in Poetry from 2015-2016 at Brown University, and currently is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Georgia.

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You say wind is only wind
& carries nothing nervous
in its teeth.
        I do not believe it.

I have seen leaves desist
                        from moving
although the branches
                      move, & I
believe a cyclone has secrets

Within the horizon of gabardine
hills, raku-
fired as if forged in the kiln
of georgic Georgia mid-
July, the trees halloo Tallulah
Gorge, velarium